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Comprehension – Ted The Mouse

Ted The Mouse

I am Ted the Mouse. I am grey and black. I have a long tail. I can run very fast. I live in a hole under the stairs. Sometimes, the big fat cat will trouble me. I have to be very careful. I like to visit my friends Sally and Pam next door. Today, we are having tea and cakes together. There are lots of things to say about that big fat cat. We dislike him very much. At last, it is time to go home.
“Goodbye, everybody!”

Answer the questions.

1. What is Ted?
a. Ted is a cat.   b. Ted is a duck.   c. Ted is a mouse.

2. What does Ted like to do?
a. Ted likes to sleep.
b. Ted likes to visit his friends.
c. Ted likes to look for the cat.

3. What are the names of Ted’s friends?
a. Kate and Peter.
b. Sally and Pam.
c. Jerry and Tom.

4. What are they having today?
a. They are having fruits.
b. They are having milk.
c. They are having teas and cakes.

5. Where is Ted living?
a. Ted lives in a hole under the stairs.
b. Ted lives in a hole in the cupboard.
c. Ted lives in the store room.

To print the worksheet, click on the title below.
Comprehension Practice – Ted The Mouse.

Watch the video here.

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