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Countable & Uncountable Nouns

What are countable and uncountable nouns? Let’s find out more with these examples.

uncountable and countable nouns

In group A, we can see that there are some nails, sharks, roses and a table.
How many of each are there?
We can count them, therefore they are known as countable nouns.

For singular (one) countable noun, we use ‘a’ or ‘an’. We use ‘an’ only for nouns that begin with vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u).
This is a dog.
That is an egg.

For plural (two or more) countable nouns, we use ‘many’ and ‘a few’.
There are many boys.
A few books are on the table.

Now, look at group B.
Are flour, salt and milk countable? No, therefore they are called uncountable nouns.

For singular (one) uncountable noun, we do not use ‘a’ or ‘an’.
Example: There is water.

For plural (two or more) uncountable noun, we use ‘much’ and ‘a little’.
There is much milk.
There is little food.

More examples of countable and uncountable nouns.

Countable Nouns

dog, cat, boy, house, pen, book, cup, fork, hand, leg, finger, chair, cow, bird, car, library, building, hand, head, toe.

Uncountable Nouns

water, sand, food, mud, ink, milk, money, honey, bread, air, jam, fire, oil, magic, cream, light, butter, flour, powder

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