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The following are pictures of animals, people, places and things.  Do you know their names?





The animal shown is a bear. 
The people are father, mother, daughter and son. 
The place is a house.
The thing is a xylophone.

These are known as nouns.

Nouns are words we use to name things, places, plants, animals, names and people.

The words ‘things’, ‘places’, ‘plants’, ‘animals’ and ‘people’ are also nouns.
The following are some examples of nouns.

Things: pen, pencil, book, bag, paper, ship, plane, car, music, piano, cup, plate, fork, spoon, watch, shoes, socks, shirt, dress, purse, wallet, water, food, rice, noodles, bed, cupboard, toy and doll.

Places: school, classroom, house, home, room, office, shopping centre, beach, field, housing areas, park, city and country.

Plants: tree, grass, rose, flower, fruit, apple and orange.

Animals: cat, rat, dog, tiger, lion, fish, snail, bird, cow and snake.

Names: Andy, Jenny, Smith, Jones and Henry.

People: boy, girl, man, woman, baby, teacher, pupil, doctor, postman, mother, father, brother, sister, uncle and aunt.

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