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Terms of use

Terms of Use:

Content is provided for download and usage by teachers and learners for not-for-profit classroom usage only. By downloading, linking to, or using the materials on the site you are hereby automatically agreeing to these and the following terms of use.

Worksheets and Images:

You may:

1. Download the printable(s) for personal use with or without charge. However, the copyright on the work belongs to www.worksheetdigital.com, as the creator.

2. Use in classrooms for the purpose of educating your students.

3. Use to decorate your classroom.

4. Distribute to students as homework, pre-study material, homeschooling purpose or online teaching.

5. Links provided to the printable pages on the https://worksheetdigital.com/  from other websites, blogs and newsletters are allowed, encouraged, and appreciated.

You may not:

1. Upload our materials to other websites.

2. Give direct link to the pdf worksheets or show them in a iframe (inline frame) in any websites.

3. Claim ownership or rights over the materials in any way form.

4. Sell images and worksheets in any form, electronic, printed or other.

5. Broadcast or distribute materials as a collection or as part of a collection.

6. Use images as part of your own worksheets. Doing so results in automatic forfeiture of copyright and ownership over your materials and any funds earned while using said materials.  The images on this site are not meant to infringe upon any copyrights and were not altered in any way.  The images on this site are provided for personal use only. 

7. The printables may not be re-uploaded to the Internet onto personal Web sites or any other Web space for any reason including distribution in any way, shape, or form (including e-mail, websites, discussion lists, blogs, social media etc).

Please contact us if you have further questions or comments about downloading, printing, or using the printables available on this site.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Team Worksheet Digital